Persona d’Argent

Node Weights - Visualization of outputs -which type should an image infer?

1. Bedlow Island
2.Fort Wood
3.Love Island

“In order to move from the information age to the knowledge age, we must do better in distinguishing the real from the fake, reward trusted content over untrusted content, and educate the next generation to be better digital citizens.” — Professor Hany Farid, Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and the School of Information, UC Berkeley

“The American public, having been spun like summer sausages on a giant lazy susan in 1983, turned their backs unwittingly on Lady Liberty.   Disoriented, they will collectively make democracy dissapear in the fall of 2024.  David Copperfield is not to be blamed!”
— The disembodied voice of magician Harry Houdini, speaking to the proprieters of the Houdini Museum during a seance in Scranton PA, 1999

“People have manipulated images for almost as long as photography has existed. But it's now possible for almost anyone to create and pass off fakes to a mass audience.” — Antonio Torralba, Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Director of the MIT Quest for Intelligence

“Working with tech industry leaders and academic colleagues, we are developing a comprehensive data source that will enable us to identify fake media and ultimately lead to building tools and solutions to combat it.” — Serge Belongie, Associate Dean and Professor, Cornell Tech.

“Manipulated media being put out on the internet, to create bogus conspiracy theories and to manipulate people for political gain, is becoming an issue of global importance, as it is a fundamental threat to democracy, and hence freedom.” — Professor Philip H. S. Torr, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford

“Although deepfakes may look realistic, the fact that they are generated from an algorithm instead of real events captured by camera means they can still be detected and their provenance verified.” — Professor Siwei Lyu, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University at Albany-SUNY

“Technology to manipulate images is advancing faster than our ability to tell what’s real from what’s been faked. A problem as big as this won’t be solved by one person alone.” — Phillip Isola, Bonnie & Marty (1964) Tenenbaum CD Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MIT

Tuesday Feb 20 2024